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Grand Opening Friday, June7, 2024!

Offering Boba Tea, Non-Coffee Latte, Tea, Sparkling Refreshers, Smoothies, and more, Mauritius Brown Bubble Tea is a symphony of natural sweetness and artisanal quality. Made in small batches, each cup is a tribute to the pristine sugarcane fields of Mauritius, offering a sip of health and luxury.

Our signature milk tea blends the finest unrefined raw sugar with fresh, creamy milk, complemented by pearls crafted in store for an authentic taste of indulgence.

Join us on a journey of flavor that’s as pure as it is opulent.

See website for hours, menu, catering options, and more.

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(425) 655-1100



18115 68th Ave NE
Kenmore, WA 98028

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