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My name is Sherry Johnson Metz and I started Lead Forward Consulting to work with people-oriented companies who want to stop wasting money on training programs that don’t make a tangible difference and instead start building learning cultures that support their financial bottom line.

ATD found that 53 percent of companies say they lack sufficient leadership bench strength. Yet, research consistently finds that 80% of what you learn at a training event is forgotten within the first week. What if you were able to prepare leaders to step into new roles and enable teams to achieve better results by shifting from “training events” to designing a true learning culture?

I love to collaborate with people-oriented, fast-growing companies and talent development professionals on how to design comprehensive learning solutions that have an amplifier effect on the performance, engagement, and well-being of their leaders, teams, and employees.

The key is putting insights, intentions AND on-the-job actions at the center of every development experience so that leaders and teams are primed and prepared to handle complex challenges while advancing business goals.

I’m known for my ability to pinpoint practical and simple ways leaders and teams can make the most of their individual and collective learning, especially in new, challenging, ambiguous situations.

How I can work with you as my client:
> Action learning coaching where we work on real projects together so that you achieve more impact and results from your learning and development initiatives.
> Design and facilitate transformational learning experiences custom-made for specific needs / roles, such as hybrid and remote leaders, new-in-role leaders, senior leaders, key retain technical leaders.
> Team coaching engagements where I provide the structure and space to challenge and support a leadership (or critical project) team so that team members can improve their own team effectiveness moving forward.

Services provided:
● Strategic consulting to enhance your learning culture and begin to leverage “sweet spots” for learning and development
● High-impact training design & implementation
● Leadership development with transformational training programs for leaders, at all levels
● Team development and coaching engagements

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