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Home-based boutique bakery

I specialize in creating handmade baked goods and confections for the North Lake Washington community. What sets me apart from other bakeries in my area is the quality of my products. Having been professionally trained by talented European pastry chefs, my products are all hand-crafted with an eagle eye attention to detail and the know-how to produce everything in a professional manner. I use exceptional ingredients, including locally grown organic flours, Belgian and French chocolates and homegrown organic produce, all of which elevate the final outcome of my products from great to outstanding. My products include sourdough breads, breakfast pastries, tarts, handpies, cookies, brownies, and chocolates. I am a one-person bakery. Everything I sell – everything that is on my table at the market or on my website – is made by me and only me in an artisanal fashion and in small batches. Licensed and permitted.

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