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Elevate your financial potential and unlock financial success with expert bookkeeping and advisory services.

We take a holistic approach when working with clients which includes using QuickBooks Online software and other modern technologies to support financial organization.  Our services encompass software setup and client training to bookkeeping clean up and ongoing monthly support.  We then go beyond polished reports with Advisory Services aimed at gaining a nuanced understanding of your business landscape. Gibson Bookkeeping & Advisory is an Accounting Data Security Standard certified company. The ADSS is the gold standard in data safety and security.

At the heart of our mission lies ‘balancing books, balancing lives’ – a commitment to optimizing financial performance and enhancing overall well-being.

Our bookkeeping and advisory support is tailored for service-based businesses in the Greater Seattle area utilizing QuickBooks Online. Ideal for those seeking after-the-fact assistance, our service is suited for companies comfortable with managing invoice creation, payroll, and bill payments independently. We specialize in working with growth-minded clients who are eager to elevate their financial potential and seize opportunities for expansion and success.

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